Some History as Told by Andre
Andre LaBelleI grew up in a house that was constantly filled with artistic energy.  My father was a respected artist and each day I would see him at his easel.  I remember wandering through what seemed like a maze of paintings.

When I was seven, this colorful world was forever darkened when my mother fell ill and passed away.  My father was devastated and began sharing even more of his artistic life with my brother Jean and I.  We soon became inspired to find our own ways to be expressive.  My brother and a friend bought a Kiss record and we decided to form a band.  At this time, our father was finishing portrait work for the owner of a music store.  Inspired with an idea, he simply traded the paintings for a Les Paul Guitar and a Silver Sparkle Drum set.

Soon after, our living room literally consisted of easels on one side and musical instruments on the other.  We came up with the band name Black Rose and started learning to play, listening to such groups as Alice Cooper, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, and The Rolling Stones.

With our father as the band's manager, we played our first show on Grace Street at a club called The Wooden Plate.  At this time, I was twelve years old.  Two years later, the unthinkable happened when my father passed away.  I continued to play music with my brother and our close friend, Bruce.  Throughout the next five years, Black Rose achieved local success appearing on XL-102's Statutory Rock album.  But, the band suffered from the loss of our father and could not continue without his support.

I went on to play with Axeworthy, Empire and other successful local bands touring the East Coast circuit until I turned 20 and decided to move to Los Angeles.

Throughout the years I spent in L.A., I worked with many artists.  I recorded with Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent and can be found listed in the Kiss family tree.  I also worked with artists such as Chris Holmes (WASP), Richie Kotchen (Poison), Josh Todd (Buckcherry), and the Motoflys.  I am currently playing drums for Robert Fleischman and The Sky, Flood the Engine, Kid Is Qual, and The LaBelle Band.  In addition, I am working on numerous studio sessions with other projects.

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